A LIVELY EXPLORATION OF THE BIGGEST QUESTIONS IN SCIENCEHow Did the Universe Begin?The Big Bang has been the accepted theory for decades, but does it explain everything?How Did Life on Earth Get Started?What triggered the cell division that started the evolutionary chain? Did life come from outer space, buried in a chunk of rock?What is Gravity?Newton's apple just got the arguments started, Einstein made things more complicated. Just how does gravity fit in with quantum theory?What Is the Inside of the Earth Like?What exactly is happening beneath our feet, and can we learn enough to help predict earthquakes and volcanic eruptions?How Do We Learn Language?Is language acquisition an inborn biological ability, or does every child have to start from scratch?Is There a Missing Link?The story of human evolution is not complete. In addition to hoaxes such as "Piltdown Man" and extraordinary finds such as "Lucy," many puzzles remain. What, in the end, do we mean by a "missing link"?

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