UTI in the Elderly and Care Homes is an eight page, intensive, bullet-point e-booklet dealing with urinary infections and inflammation. Coming from the world-acknowledged expert in prevention/treatments of UTIs, this e-booklet offers solutions to painful UTIs/ inflammation in old age caused usually by hormone loss. Other causes of UTIs in the elderly and care homes highlight poor hygiene, arthritis, weight gain, dental metals, liquid retention, clothing, toiletry chemicals, piles, thin skin, and much more. It reveals medical causes for UTIs giving tips for carers, lifestyle alterations, self-help, treatments and prevention. Its time-saving, easy prevention, backed with medical info on HRT and is the daily key to prevention of pain. UTI in the Elderly and Care Homes e-booklet is a world-first, must-have for sufferers and carers coping with this often-recurrent miserable infection.

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