VEE Pro: Practical Graphical Programming introduces you to the fundamentals of Visual Engineering Environment Programming providing tools for writing programs for: data acquisition; test-data processing; process control. You will see the power and flexibility of VEE Pro in action in labs of increasing complexity based around the monitoring and control of a virtual vehicle radiator. The process begins with the simple simulation of a thermometer and ends with the logging of test limits containing audio and visual warnings. If you are a student taking classes in VEE Pro, this book will make your life easier and the learning process straightforward, if you are a tutor teaching the package, it will provide a simple and effective structure for your lessons and for a course as a whole, and if you use VEE Pro for design or data analysis in a manufacturing/industrial milieu, VEE Pro: Practical Graphical Programming will provide the complete and easy-to-use reference you need to get the most out of the program.

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