This book is about health, nutrition and lifestyle. The bigger picture of the book is to promote the idea that whatever you want to achieve in life, make sure you look after your health first. As the saying goes; "A healthy mind in a healthy body". We rebuild ourselves every day on a cellular level, so let's make sure we feed ourselves in the best possible way with the best possible food, water and thoughts, to allow the fullest expression of our being. The first part is written with the intention to raise awareness about modern processed foods versus natural organic foods, raw foods and superfoods and we have a look at how nutrition and supplements relate to our health and optimum functioning. The second part covers the aspect of what nature; water, air, the earth and the sun, can do to benefit our health and well-being. The third part is about reviewing our lifestyle regarding; exercise, smoking and drinking habits and our beliefs, fears & change. The book is full of interesting insights, tips and strategies. Tried and tested by the author himself who dramatically improved his health and energy levels naturally, in a matter of a few months. Throughout the book there are many beautiful food and nature related photographs to enjoy.

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