James Mackintosh's (1765-1832) Vindiciae Gallicae (1791) was a brilliant reply to Edmund Burke's Reflections on the Revolution in France and Charles-Alexandre de Calonne's De l'etat de la France. Charles James Fox, the Whig Opposition leader, rated it as the finest defence of the French Revolution. This edition offers an extensive editor's introduction, a fully annotated text of the first edition of Vindiciae Gallicae and an appendix which includes the significant substantive revisions that Mackintosh made to it in the late summer of 1791. The editor's introduction establishes the impressive critical reception of Vindiciae Gallicae, explains how Mackintosh placed the French Revolution within the framework of 'philosophical' history, and examines how he responded to the growing European counterrevolution in the later editions of Vindiciae Gallicae.

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