Maxim Jakubowski takes the reader through an intoxicating journey through four of the world's most exciting cities: New York, Dublin, Paris and London. Known for his daring and sexy tales of men and women in love and lust and once described by both The Times and Time Out as 'the King of the Erotic Thriller', Jakubowski here examines Sex in the City through a daring new angle which will leave you breathless. A WASHINGTON SQUARE ROMANCE In a Manhattan hotel, an older man mourns and recalls his past affair with a younger woman as he crisscrosses New York's Greenwich Village and further afield in search of the ghost of her body and her love. Where geography meets flaming erotica! MOLLY, YOU HAVE 4391 WORDS, START NOW... A young American woman visiting Dublin parallels Molly Bloom's soliloquy from Joyce's Ulysses as she undergoes a harrowing sexual ordeal that takes her past many of the Irish capital's best known spots. The reader will never think of Dublin in the same way again... AN UNRELIABLE GUIDE TO PARIS HOTEL ROOMS A man explores sex in a variety of Paris hotels. Each room features further variations on the games of the flesh and the mind, as he comes to grip with the palette of women he has made love to in the past in this city of love and how they fit in to the puzzle of his sexuality. WOKE UP WITH THAT HAMPSTEAD BLUES AGAIN Abandoned by his lover in North London, a man embarks on a mini odyssey of sexual discovery through the distinctive map of north London, with passionate and disturbing encounters with a Spanish woman, a beautiful submissive and a club of doms who organise anonymous gangbangs. Challenging, sexy to the extreme, these stories unfold with elegant and literary style and introduce a new vision of erotica as a battleground for not just sex, but also strong emotions and raw feelings. These stories have also been published in Sex In The City London 9781907016226 / 97819077263392 Sex In The City New York 9781907016240 / 9781907726385 Sex In The City Paris 9781907016257 / 9781907726361 Sex In The City Dublin 9781907016233 / 9781907761232

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