A dark slice of black crime comedy from the legendary director of classic movies Get Carter, Pulp, Croupier and Ill Sleep When Im Dead, Mike Hodges. Mark Miles is in for a busy day in the seaside resort of Ayling-On-Sea. He thinks it's going to his big day: Reg Turpin, the new Houdini and one of his few remaining PR clients is about to attempt a great feat of escapology, followed by the arrival in town of Dr. Herman Temple, the self-appointed guru, who will conduct a seminar on the dynamics of leadership at the Grand Atlantic Hotel.What could go wrong? Well, there is William Snazell, a fat private investigator about to take a room at the 'Journey's End' bed and breakfast; assorted women of easy virtue on his trail; a man whose name is really Bela Lugosi; and that's only the beginning of it... Today is a day Mark Miles will never forget. A ferocious nightmare which will have you gasping as matters invariably go from bad to worse and our unheroic hero navigates the quicksands of fate with a total lack of poise and elegance.

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