Quick Access to the Latest Calculations and Examplesfor Solving All Types of Water and Wastewater Problems! The Second Edition of Water and Wastewater Calculations Manual provides step-by-step calculations for solving a myriad of water and wastewater problems. Designed for quick-and-easy access to information, this revised and updated Second Edition contains over 110 detailed illustrations and new material throughout. Written by the internationally renowned Shun Dar Lin, this expert resource offers techniques and examples in all sectors of water and wastewater treatment. Using both SI and US customary units, the Second Edition of Water and Wastewater Calculations Manual features:Coverage of stream sanitation, lake and impoundment management, and groundwaterConversion factors, water flow calculations, hydraulics in pipes, weirs, orifices, and open channels, distribution, outlets, and quality issuesIn-depth emphasis on drinking water treatment and water pollution control technologiesCalculations specifically keyed to regulation requirementsNew to this edition: regulation updates, pellet softening, membrane filtration, disinfection by-products, health risks, wetlands, new and revised examples using field dataInside this Updated Environmental Reference Tool Streams and Rivers Lakes and Reservoirs Groundwater Fundamental and Treatment Plant Hydraulics Public Water Supply Wastewater Engineering Appendices: Macro invertebrate Tolerance List Well Function for Confined Aquifers Solubility Product Constants for Solution at or near Room Temperature Freundlich Adsorption Isotherm Constants for Toxic Organic Compounds Conversion Factors

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