THE DEFINITIVE FRENCH VERB REFERENCENow mastering French verbs is easier than ever. Whether you're studying French in high school or college, need to become more fluent for business, or want to brush up for a trip, Webster's New World 575+ French Verbs is the only verb reference you need. This handy resource lists verbs alphabetically in every mood and tense, complete with idiomatic examples-so you'll not only know how to use a verb, but when to use it, too.Webster's New World 575+ French Verbs is the best French verb reference money can buy, packed with more verbs and more features, such as:* 575 verbs, fully conjugated in easy-to-read charts* A comprehensive review of French verb conjugation* More than 1,400 additional verbs in the infinitive form, fully cross-referenced* Proper usage examples with each listing* An appendix of irregular verbs* Full English-to-French index of all 2,000+ verbs

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