There's more to marijuana than smoking it. And in this one-stop, one-stoke resource, you learn it all. With more than 800 entries covering everything from Afghan Kush to Zombieland, this awesome collection of all things cannabis is packed with information and illustrations you're never too high to learn, including: Bubbleberry, a strain of marijuana derived from bubblegum and blueberry varieties, is a weed connoisseur's drug of choice; Coconut bong has built-in bong water that helps flavor the smoke; Jack Black, an American comedic actor, stars in movies that are funny to watch while high--until you have smoked roughly 1/8th an ounce of cannabis, then they become less funny; Hash Bash, a stoner gathering on the University of Michigan campus, is a great opportunity to oppose state marijuana law-but cops will bust you for possession, so pregame beforehand; Barack Obama is more than just the first African-American president--he's the first Commander-in-Chief to admit to inhaling. It's the reference no stoner should be without! Weedopedia gives you and your pot-loving friends all you need to know to be at the head of the class--at least while you're passing around a joint.

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