Your guide to glide from campus to careerReady to proceed beyond lesson plans to a career plan? This book analyzes college curriculum and employment options for you! Whether you're considering majoring in education, have your degree and want to get a job, or want to change careers, this is your definitive guide to opportunities that capitalize on an education degree. It includes:* Advice on college and curriculum choices--courses, internships, and more* Tips to energize and expand your job search* Profiles of real graduates, their jobs, and how they got them* Real-world input from an assistant principal, rabbi, curriculum designer, museum educator, tutoring center owner, and textbook author* Overviews of typical salary levels, hours, and work environments* Extensive additional resources, including Web sites, professional organizations, periodicals, and moreWhat Can You Do with a Major in Education? answers your questions about everything from the skills and licenses required to the perks, peeves, and pay you can expect. It alerts you to career opportunities outside the classroom. It helps you make the grade and land the job you want.

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