Did you know you have better odds at winning the lottery than an Olympic medal? To bring home one of those coveted medals-or achieve any great personal goal in life-you need a lot more than luck. You need a game plan. What if you could learn the secrets of success from an Olympian? A Nobel Prize winner? A Fortune 500 CEO? Along with anecdotes from her own dramatic journey, Olympic gold medalist Nikki Stone has compiled a treasure trove of compelling stories to illustrate each step on the path to success. She's gathered humorous, heartwarming and hugely inspirational tales from some of today's most brilliant business leaders, scientists, soldiers, inventors, philanthropists, musicians, athletes and entrepreneurs...a host of people whose very names epitomize achievement. Winners such as: Designer Tommy Hilfiger, Prince Albert of Monaco, X-Games/Olympic Champ Shaun White, Best-selling author Stephen Covey, Jazz musician Branford Marsalis, Olympic skiing Star Lindsey Vonn, Special Olympic Chair Timothy Shriver, Top venture capitalist Vinod Khosla, NFL quarterback SteveYoung, Celebrity chef Todd English, Perfect '10' gymnast Nadia Comanecin , And many more...

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