This book has arisen from the belief that cultural understanding can be advanced by contrasting the work of scholars who share academic concerns but work from different cultural vantage-points. In the editors' estimation, knowledge in the caregiving field has reached the point where such comparisons can yield insight into differences not only between cultures but also between the perspectives of the scholars who study them. The chapters in this book provide a rich information base for these purposes.Sample Chapter(s)Chapter 1: Critical Issues of Caregiving: East-West Dialogue (1,128 KB)Contents:The Western Perspectives:Societal and Family Change in the Burden of Care (R J V Montgomery et al.)Family Change and Family Bonding: Conceptual and Policy Issues (M B Sussman)The Social Context of the Nature of Care (A Glicksman)Sharing Long-Term Care Between the Family and the State — A European Perspective (A Walker)Family Change and Family Bonding in Australia (H Kendig)Care and Social Support — The Example of Ageing Migrants (K Blakemore)The Value of Old Age in Modern Society: Social Responses to 'Elder Abuse' (R Hugman)The Eastern Perspectives:The Social Psychological Perspective of Elderly Care (Y-Y Hong & W T Liu)Values and Caregiving Burden: The Significance of Filial Piety in Elder Care (W T Liu)Filial Piety, Co-Residence, and Intergenerational Solidarity in Japan (W Koyano)The Cultural Politics of the Asian Family Care Model: Missing Language and Facts (Y-H Hu & Y-J Chou)Caring for the Elderly in Singapore (K Mehta)Living Arrangements and Elderly Care: The Case of Hong Kong (R P L Lee et al.)Children and Children-in-Law as Primary Caregivers: Issues and Perspectives (O M H Wong)Caregiving Survey in Guangzhou: A Preliminary Report (E S H Yu et al.)Middle-Aged Women's Supporting Behavior to Elderly Parents: The Comparison of Parents-in-Law and Own Parents (B-E Cho)Readership: Social scientists, health-care professionals, gerontologists and policy-makers.

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