Reveals how Jessie broke away from her background - a tough area of Essex where stabbings and violent crime were rife - to become the antithesis of the typical Essex girl.Tells of her performance background, taking ballet classes from the age of four and appearing in a string of musicals, including one where she fell off the stage and did a back flip onto the conductor.Reveals how she was on national TV winning singing competitions at age 15 and how she recorded a demo the same year, before studying Musical Theatre at the BRIT SchoolTalks of her ill-fated stint in a girl group, dealing with tears, cat fights and mammoth egos.Recalls how she finally earned a record deal only to suffer a stroke and for her label to go into liquidation the same year.Reveals her yearning for fame, including a string of support slots where she appeared as an unknown artist. She was booed - but often booed back.Her trip to America where she penned a Number One single, but was so desperately lonely and unhappy that she felt suicidal - yet she penned a song about this period that would become the title track of her album/Interviews with record producers, school classmates, friends, dance tutors and more give the full lowdown on Jessie's road to fame.

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