Sex is no longer edgy; chastity is the real subversive option. A Wild Constraint: The Case for Chastity denounces the ideological destruction of personal virtue, and remakes the link, unfashionable since the 1960s, between sex and society. Largely considered an exclusively religious option, chastity is now being reclaimed as a radical new lifestyle choice. What after all is liberating about behaviour that results in massive hidden pain and exploitation? But Jenny Taylor goes further and argues that in the context of promiscuity, sex trafficking and social chaos, chastity can herald a different sexual freedom, a recovery of community and hope for women in cultures that offer no choice. She draws on personal experience and a wide secular and spiritual literature, as well as interviews with men and women of all ages to help restore the dignity and point of chastity. She also challenges the church to recover its conviction: We need more of a counter-culture that values the struggle; that helps us survive the ideologically-driven sex-conformity; the singles supplements that penalise us for being economically inconvenient, the pop logic that makes virtue a vice.

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