Capture the beauty and serenity of animals in natureIf you love nature and life's simpler things, you'll love painting with Wilson Bickford. In this book, with a teaching style as easy and inviting as his paintings, Wilson guides you step by step through ten charming wildlife scenes on canvas.Projects feature a variety of beloved animals including deer, black bears, blue herons, loons, ducks, swans and woodpeckersLearn to paint a range of breathtaking settings - sparkling lakes, majestic mountains, forest retreats and even atmospheric effects like hazy sunsets, snow-laden pines and rippling water.Includes mini-demonstrations that focus on key landscape elements such as trees, rocks, water and clouds.Each project includes color swatches showing which mix is used where and easy-to-follow directions.Simpler is always better when you're just starting out. These projects require minimal equipment, only five colors and absolutely no previous experience. Wilson loves to paint them - and with his friendly, straightforward approach, you will, too!

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