Somewhere between France and England there is an island that no one has ever bothered to discover. On it lives Wilma Tenderfoot, a determined ten-year old girl who dreams of one day becoming a World-Famous Detective. So she can't help thinking it's destiny when, dispatched from the Institute for Woeful Children to her new home as a live-in skivvy, she discovers that the genius gentleman detective Theodore P. Goodman lives next door. A ten-year-old girl of great determination (and her pet beagle, Pickle) and a World-Famous Detective of great repute might not be the most obvious crime-solving duo but Wilma Tenderfoot is not about to let that put either of them off! And it looks like their first dastardly case is about to begin . . . Feisty but funny, cheeky but charming Wilma Tenderfoot and her unique mystery-solving methodology is hard to resist!

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