Stop Living Your Life Under, Over, From and For God and Start Living in Communion With Him.Endorsements:Ifwe've grown weary of Christianity, ifwe find most any local churchuninspiring, maybe the problem lies not in the Christianfaith or thesefaithful bodies, but in our own disgruntled hearts. In With, SykeJethani tenderlyunmasksthe clichedposturing thattoo often masquerades as genuine communion with Christ. More importantly,he takes readers to the humble place they must occupy--in prayer,studyingScripture,with the Church--if faith, hope, and love are to truly mark ourlives.JamesH. Gilmore, author, The Experience EconomyMade of the stuff of spiritualclassics and presented in simple, contemporary terms, Skye Jethani does each ofus a great service in calling us to reimagine the way we relate to God.We so readily fall prey to living out distortions and reductions to ourChristian faith--with disastrous consequences. You and I are far morethan sinners, consumers, managers, and servants. We are dearly loved byGod and made for eternal communion with him. Everything looks differentwhen we live life in response to God's love. Paul Louis Metzger,Ph.D., Professor of Christian Theology & Theology of Culture, MultnomahBiblical Seminary and author of The Gospel ofJohn: When Love Comes to TownCleverly using four prepositions-under, over, from,andfor,Skye Jethani convincingly diagnoses the reigning paradigms of life--whethersecular or religious-and shows how each one has captured some element of truthbut in the end is deficient; Ultimately, they miss the most importantthing-real communion with the living God. Thus utilizing one final preposition,With,he lays out what it really means to know and experience communionwithGod-alife of faith, hope and love--the very things that we all desperately want andneed. This is a helpful, encouraging, and inspiring book. Jim Belcher,author of Deep ChurchIt doesn'tmatter, as old theologians were rumored to argue, how many angels can dance ona pinhead. But it does matter which preposition governs your faith - over, after, against, for, from, under,with. Who knew what huge worlds turn on such tiny words? Who knew whattheological riches were laced into the bones of grammar? Skye has done a greatservice to the church. In prose elegant and clear, with insights keen and deep,he shows how everything changes with just one word: With. It's a book I want my whole church to read. MarkBuchanan, author of Spiritual RhythmWho knewthat a preposition had so much influence? Skye's book will challenge the waythat you think about God and faith digging deep into our motivations and heartissues. You can't read this book and not see yourself and others differently! MargaretFeinberg, author of Scouting the Divineand Hungry for GodThis bookwill do for our generation what J.B. Phillips, in his classicYour God is Too Small, did for his.Withreveals views of God thatcan't satisfy and opens up the possibility for exploring a lifewithGodthat more than satisfies. ScotMcKnight, author of One.Life and The Blue Parakeet, professor of theology andbiblical studies at North Park UniversitySinceI dove into With, I can't stopthinking about it. Skye Jethani's insights will change how you think about God...andyou...and how the two of you relate. Dr. Kara E. Powell, ExecutiveDirector of the Fuller Youth InstituteThere's agood reason why Skye is a senior editor at Leadership Journalhe writes with astylish verve, real intelligence, and spiritual depth. Suggesting that thebasic posture that you adopt towards God determines the quality, meaning, anddirection of your life,Withis designed to head readers inthe right direction. Alan Hirsch,author of Untamed,

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