It is well known that the female work force has played a large part in the Asian "export miracle." Yet, their role has commonly been depicted in sweat shops and tea houses. "Women and Industrialization in Asia" examines the bigger picture regarding women in the labor market and how this has been changing in the course of development and industrialization. Drawing on labor force survey data from across the continent, the book analyzes how women's participation, employment patterns and relative pay have changed over time and in the course of industrialization. It also examines labor market institutions, the progress of women from the light export industries into white collar occupations and how women's pay has risen relative to men's in many Asian countries. Contributers: Sarthi Acharya, Ruperto Alonzo, Jamilah Ariffin, Moo Ki Bai, Dwayne Benjamin, Woo Hyun Cho, M. Anne Hill, Reema Nayar, Mathana Phananiramai and Guilherme Sedlacek.

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