A womans middle age had traditionally been regarded as a time of loss and decline. But in the wake of the women's movement and other societal and cultural events, a profound shift has taken place. Far from being marginalized, midlife women stand at the forefront of a great transformation of cultural perceptions and attitudes. They are rejecting stereotypes, embracing new opportunities, and forming what this important book terms 'a new collective middle-aged identity.' Women over 50: Psychological Perspectives analyzes the challenges, benefits, coping strategies, problems, and accomplishments associated with the midlife experience. Ten chapters present the state of research (and correct longstanding myths) regarding significant aspects of middle-aged women's lives: Mind-body: illness, body image, exercise Love, romance, and sexuality Friendship and support systems 'The sandwich generation' Re-creating the role of grandmothers Retirement and financial stability Using personal empowerment to empower others Quality of life and future directions Women over 50 bridges a major knowledge gap in the feminist-psychology literature, making it an essential resource for clinicians and advanced students. It balances optimism and realism about older womens livesand younger womens futures.

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