You're thinking about selling your woodworking projects, but what should you charge for them? How can you set a price that's too good to pass up without selling your work short? Dan Ramsey answers these questions and more in this newly revised edition of his woodworking standard. Using updated advice and information, he shows you how other woodworkers set their prices and sell their products, including crafts, carvings, folk art, turnings, clocks, furniture and cabinetry. Turn your hobby into a profit center as you learn how to: Estimate your average materials cost per project Determine the value of your woodworking skills Increase your income without sacrificing your work's quality - or your enjoyment Sell customers on the value of your work - not the price Negotiate for fun and profit Build repeat and referral business Develop the right business image and marketing plan Manage your budget and cash flow Market your work at craft fairs and through retailers Ramsey also includes a wide variety of business forms and planning sheets you can copy for your own use. So what's the bottom line? Including this book in your woodworking library will add the art and craft of pricing to your woodworking skills, and money to your bank account!

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