They had a choice between good and evil. They chose evil without hesitation, doubt or remorse. There are many evil people in the world. From evil tyrants who deliberately and systematically commit horrific crimes on a grand scale, killing, torturing, bombing and maiming to individuals who commit solitary acts of evil for which they will forever be condemned. Deranged and desperate, or calculating, cold-blooded and selfish, these people are the epitome of evil. Whether their crime was murder, deception or simply neglect, all those considered to be the most evil people in the world are described in detail in this book. Part One: Ancient EvilPart Two: Medieval MonarchsPart Three : Wicked WomenPart Four : The NazisPart Five : Evil by IncompetencePart Six : Modern TyrantsPart Seven : Reigns of TerrorPart Eight : Mass Murderers

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