This substantially updated fourth edition of the highly popular, and comprehensive Archaeology: An Introduction is aimed at all beginners in the subject. In a lucid and accessible style Kevin Greene takes the reader on a journey which covers history, techniques and the latest theories. He explains the discovery and excavation of sites, outlines major dating methods, gives clear explanations of scientific techniques, and examines current theories and controversies.This fourth edition constitutes the most extensive reshaping of the text to date. New features include:*A completely new user-friendly text design with initial chapter overviews and final conclusions, key references for each chapter section, an annotated guide to further reading, a glossary, refreshed illustrations, case studies and examples, bibliography and full index*A new companion website built for this edition providing hyperlinks from contents list to individual chapter summaries which in turn link to key websites and other material*An important new chapter on current theory emphasizing the richness of sources of analogy or interpretation available today.Archaeology: An Introduction will interest students and teachers at pre-university and undergraduate level as well as enthusiastic general readers of archaeology. The stimulating coverage of the history, methods, science and theory of archaeology make this a book which has a life both within and beyond the academy.

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