Learn the brushstrokes that will bring your paintings to life! With Maureen McNaughton as your coach, you can learn how to paint an amazing array of fabulous flowers. She provides start-to-finish instructions and hundreds of step-by-step photos, plus all the information and advice you need to create gorgeous works of art. It's easier than you think! You'll learn how to: Master dozens of beautiful brushstrokes Choose the right brushstroke for every stem, leaf and flower petal you paint Select materials for the best possible results Hold you hand and brush properly Create beautiful shading, highlighting and streaking effects with a uniquely simple brush-loading technique Correct less-than-perfect strokes without starting over You'll also find detailed guidelines for 5 stunning projects, including a floral memory album and a corner shelf with a faux finish and gold leafing. Beautiful Brushstrokes Step by Step shows you how to paint will skill and precision every time!

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