A marvellous book' - Graham Spiers, The Times'Like the teams Steve Paterson put on the park, this book is direct, colourful and entertaining' - The ScotsmanSteve Paterson was set for fame and stardom with Manchester United in the 1970s, but from the age of sixteen he became gripped by an addiction to gambling before descending into alcoholism and debt. He became a soccer mercenary in Hong Kong, Australia and Japan, but his gambling and ruinous lifestyle followed him everywhere. Despite his personal problems, Paterson became a successful football manager, first in the Highland League and then, leading Inverness Caledonian Thistle all the way to the brink of promotion to the Premier League before taking the reins at Aberdeen Football Club from which he was sacked as his drinking and gambling escalated. By then, he had spent more than GBP 1m on gambling over a 30 years period and racked up thousands of pounds worth of debt. In November 2008 Paterson decided to confront his addictions and booked into the famous Sporting Chance Clinic in Hampshire. He has now turned his life around and today works as a social worker helping youngsters in the north of Scotland. This candid and brutally honest memoir recounts the heady days of footballing success, twinned with the devastating hubris of his addictive personality. It is a heart-rending and insightful account of one of the most fascinating players and managers in the Scottish game.

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