Praise for Creating your own Destiny This fast moving, practical book is loaded with great ideas you can apply immediately to improve every area of your life." —Brian Tracy, international bestselling author of The Way to Wealth "If you want to live your dreams, this book will give you the methods and techniques to make your dreams become a reality!" —Les Brown, international bestselling author of It?s Not Over Until You Win "If you want to be a master of your destiny—not a victim of your circumstances—this practical how–to book is a must–read!" —Susan Friedman, bestselling author of Riches in Niches "I strongly encourage you to invest in yourself—and your destiny—by reading this book. It will change your life!" —Chris Widener, bestselling author of The Angel Inside "This book is insightful, inspiring, and brilliantly written. You will receive value beyond belief as you create your extraordinary destiny." —Peggy McColl, The New York Times bestselling...

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