Whether or not you call yourself a ilandlordi, when you rent out a house youill want to do it right!The Landlording 101 course for new rental property owners who are first-time landlords by way of an inheritance, divorce, investment, purchase for a family member, or a move to a new house. 90% of small properties are owned by individual landlords, and millions in this group are balancing their landlord responsibilities with their daytime careers. First Time Landlord provides concise information for those with little business savvy and less time and patience to become big-time real estate investors, but who wish to make money on their new property while renting it out lawfully and right! It covers:How to determine whether or not the property will turn a profitLandlord business basicsFinding good tenantsPreparing and signing a leaseHandling RepairsComplying with applicable rental lawsDealing with problem tenantsPreparing for sale of propertyContaining tips, true stories, and shared first-time experiences, First Time Landlord is an indispensable book for the new landlords of todays dominant rental housing market.

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