Praise for Fraud Markets "Peter Goldmann has written a fascinating book on the financial markets and the devastating impact of fraud and ethical erosion. His historical commentary is reason enough to read this book. But Goldmann really shines when he puts his unique perspective on the causative factors of the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression." —Martin T. Biegelman, Director of Financial Integrity, Microsoft Corporation "The financial crises that began in 2007 had a devastating impact on the U.S. economy that was felt around the world. Peter Goldmann leads us through this crisis and explains the role that financial fraud played in the tragedy. Goldmann?s book is instrumental in helping us understand the devastation fraud can cause when it goes unchecked. We can only hope that by examining the mistakes we made, we will not be doomed to repeat them. This book provides a strong starting point for that introspection." —John D. Gill, JD, CFE, Vice...

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