In recent years, the development of new technologies capable of monitoring genome function has resulted in fewer hopeful estimates and increasingly solid depictions of genome output from individual samples. Genomics in Endocrinology focuses on exciting new advances in endocrinology resulting from DNA microarray studies and includes a comprehensive introduction to the use of DNA microarrays in endocrinology. The volume provides the basis for further understanding of the usefulness of microarray analyses in endocrinology research. Topics discussed are the methodology of DNA microarrays and general methods for the analysis of microarray data, as well as studies of a wide variety of normal and abnormal endocrine cells. In the introductory chapter, the volumes editors describe several issues in hypothesis formulation, experimental design, data analysis, and follow-up studies that may corroborate, validate, and extend hypotheses gained through microarray analyses. The contributed chapters span a variety of applications that we have divided into the areas of (1) genomic insights into molecular mechanisms responsible for hormone action, (2) genomic characterizations of endocrine producing tissues, and (3) genomic manifestations of diseases of hormonal systems.A volume on the cutting-edge of technology, Genomics in Endocrinology will provide researchers with an authoritative volume on the most recent advances in monitoring genome function.

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