If you're one of the unemployed Americans looking for a job, you don't want to go 12 to 24 months without a job offer (as many do). The trick is to tap into the hidden job market-where 90 percent of the jobs really are! Get Hired Fast! shows you how to use a direct calling strategy that will generate at least three interviews in three weeks. It gives you a 15-day Action Plan, complete with charts, scripts, and other tools that will enable you to use the direct-calling technique like a professional. Get Hired Fast! shows you: Where and how to identify key contacts in target companies; How to uncover crucial data about target companies; How to script calls to hiring managers in advance-and handle any scenario from voicemail to conversations with contacts' staffers; and more. This no-holds-barred book also includes insider advice on how to ace the interview once your calling strategy pays off, how to negotiate the best offer, and keep the job once you get it.

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