Make Bible Stories Come to Life with These Easy Activities and Crafts Hands–On Bible Explorations is a terrific collection of 52 activities and crafts for kids?one for each week of the year. The book includes favorite stories and parables from the Old and New Testaments, chapters on important Christian Values, and fun projects that make the lessons of the Bible entertaining and easy to understand. You?ll learn about the Ten Commandments, the Christmas story, the boy with loaves and fish, the greatest gift, the importance of friendship, and many more parts of the Bible as you do the fun activities including Crafting a rainbow bookmark to remember God?s promise to Noah never to flood the entire Earth again. Making a colorful coat to remind you to be loving and forgiving like Joseph. Playing a rubber band escape trick as you learn how Peter?s escape from prison was no trick but a true miracle. Making a charming heart Bible verse card...

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