Texting, blogging and twittering may be second nature to Gen-Xers and Millennials, but Boomers and Traditionalists also can learn how to exploit the technologies that are fundamentally changing the way business gets done and learn new ways to reach across the generations to connect with business partners, clients, peers and employees.Written for seasoned professionals ready to master these new strategies and communication tools, this witty and immensely practical career guide shows what it takes to stay relevant in the ever-changing technology-driven workplace, contribute wisdom and experience to the business and develop the next generation of productive employees and leaders.Self-described "red-caboose Baby Boomer" Lisa Haneberg brings together sound strategies, proven techniques and real-life profiles of hip and sage professionals who are creating multigenerational success at work by embracing change; being open to learning from younger, techno-savvy coworkers; and putting into everyday practice the 3 Cs of hipness: communicating, connecting and collaborating. With a primer on the generations, a glossary of "hip" and an introduction to New Technologies 101, Hip and Sage delivers the tools today's sages need to be heard, be seen and go viral as they craft an essential business legacy and the foundation for future success.

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