The Technology You Need is Out There. The Expertise You Need is in Here.Expertise is what makes hackers effective. It's what will make you effective, too, as you fight to keep them at bay. Mastering Network Security has been fully updated to reflect the latest developments in security technology, but it does much more than bring you up to date. More importantly, it gives you a comprehensive understanding of the threats to your organization's network and teaches you a systematic approach in which you make optimal use of the technologies available to you. Coverage includes:Understanding security from a topological perspectiveConfiguring Cisco router security featuresSelecting and configuring a firewallConfiguring Cisco's PIX firewallConfiguring an intrusion detection systemProviding data redundancyConfiguring a Virtual Private NetworkSecuring your wireless networkImplementing authentication and encryption solutionsRecognizing hacker attacksDetecting and eradicating virusesGetting up-to-date security informationLocking down Windows NT/2000/XP serversSecuring UNIX, Linux, and FreBSD systems

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