In the past decades, the main stream of microelectronics progress has been mainly powered by Moore's law which focuses on IC miniaturization down to nanoscale. While the microelectronics community around the world continues to invent new solutions to keep Moore's law alive, there is a fast increasing need for non-digital and mixed-signal More than Moore (MtM) type technologies that are still based upon or derived from silicon technologies, but do not simply scale with Moore's law. Typical examples are devices incorporating RF, power/high voltage, passive components, sensors and actuators, MEMS, Bio-chip/bio-systems, microfluidics, solid-state lighting, etc.. The increasing momentum of MtM is triggered by the increasing needs for high level heterogeneous system integration including non-digital functions, the necessity to speed up innovative product creation and to broaden the product portfolio of IC fabs, and the limiting cost and time factors of advanced system-on-chip (SoC) development. It is believed that MtM will add value to society on top of and beyond advanced semiconductors technologies, with fast increasing marketing potentials, and that it will drive paradigm shift for technologies, applications and business models.

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