This book introduces to problems which have a concern for each executive in the operative management of industrial enterprises and is therefore e.g. also welcomed and expected by an interviewed company (see appendix A). These problems arise, beneath a lot of advantages, from the model of business process management which developed within the last few years. This model gets more and more implemented to the larger industry enterprises and make new and great demands on executive work. Business process management models contains, beside the traditional economic aim constructions, the integrated management system which unites environment, quality and work safety as aims in itself. To draw one's attention to the changes which arise by the business process management on traditional ideas, the integrated management system was chosen as a title of this book. It is not the aim to write again a new essay, in addition to the hundreds of already existing ones, about business ethics or leadership. It is all about a special perspective. In detail, the scientific question and the goal of this book is to represent the requirements for executives on lower and middle management levels, which arise on the one hand from the integrated management system and on the other hand from the changed expectation attitude in society and, finally, to develop based on both of them a practice-oriented solution, with which these requirements can be met.To guarantee the validity of the work, it is at first necessary to get a short idea about the historical development to business process management in order to define the surrounding, in which this work is moving. This is carried out in chapter 1. Secondly in chapter 2 is discussed, whether the behaviour of an executive must be penetrated by an ethical-moral basic understanding to do justice to not only the expectations of the nteraction partners like customers, capital givers, supervisors and employees but also to be successful overall in the long run. Even if already more than 400 books have dealt with business ethics, the integration of these theories into the professional practice of executives in a business process management on the basis of a scientific approach is missing. So that the book enters new ground from this point of view. After the definition of the business surrounding and general expectations towards the behaviour, the special relevant requirements which exists besides the known traditional economic aims on the basis of three relevant standards of quality, environment and safety and which apply to each executive in a business process management respectively in an integrated management system will be worked out thirdly in chapter 3. Fourthly, on the basis of the general ethical-moral expectations towards actions on the one hand and the concrete requirements from the standards on the other hand arise subsequently in chapter 4 the guidelines for the behaviour of the executive in dealing with the led, to do justice similarly to all requirements around.

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