Ace the ARRT certification exam with the fields most trusted reviewMaximize your study time -- and your grade -- by focusing on the most important and frequently tested topics The entire radiography curriculum summarized in a concise, readable narrative makes it easy to understand and memorize key concepts 860+ registry-style questions, including a 200-question practice test, prepare you for the exam Answers with detailed explanations and references to major textbooks More than 400 illustrations and clinical images Written by an experienced educator and radiography program director who knows exactly what it takes to pass Essential for certification or recertificationAn author with 35+ years of teaching experience provides everything you need to excel on the exam courseworkSummary boxes provide a convenient overview of must-know informationThe inside covers feature important formulae, radiation protection facts, conversion factors, body surface landmarks, digital imaging facts, acronyms and abbreviations, radiation quality factors, and minimum filtration requirementsCoverage of the latest developments, including digital and electronic imagingA complete 200-question practice exam440+ chapter-ending questions

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