In 1946 Hollywood, the stars were always shining, the streets were paved with possibilities, and the most dangerous thing a man could do was to uncover the grime behind the glitz and glamour....But a woman might just get away with it. When talented screenwriter Lauren Atwill wakes up in a hospital room with no memory of how she got there, it's more than enough to make her nervous. All she remembers is driving home from a hot Hollywood nightspot. Before she can put the pieces of her shattered memory together, she's approached by a stranger who produces incriminating -- and compromising -- pictures of her. It's blackmail, pure and simple. With nowhere else to turn, Lauren seeks the help of private eye Peter Winslow, who's as tough as he is debonair -- and who may be hiding some secrets of his own. Now the high-profile marriage of her best friend is at stake alongside her own reputation, and Lauren will have to think fast and move faster to come up with an ending for this script that doesn't spell THE END for her.... INCLUDES A CHAPTER FROM THE NEXT LAUREN ATWILL MYSTERY

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