Other new-in-Lion-related questions that you'll find answers to are these: What's the fun new way of entering accented characters? Where'd my scrollbars go? How do I make the text in my Finder window sidebar larger? How do I sort items in a Finder window, and what does "Arrange" mean? Where are the Appearance and the Accounts System Preference panes? How do I change the size of my mouse pointer icon? What's this All My Files entry in my sidebar? What's the new picture-in-a-picture zooming option? Where'd my user Library go? You'll also learn how to: Be nimble and efficient finding your documents and applications. Take advantage of Lion's revised Open and Save dialogs. Make the screen easy on your eyes. Reduce "pane-ful" clutter in System Preferences. Enjoy the new Lion look of spelling corrections. Have your Mac read to you in many great new voices. Organize your fonts so you can easily format your text. Find the elusive checkbox for making the menu bar look solid.

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