pubOne.info thank you for your continued support and wish to present you this new edition. CAPTAIN DE BANYAN AND OTHERS I beg your pardon, sir; but I see, by the number on your cap, that we belong to the same regiment, said an officer with two bars on his shoulder-straps, as he halted in the aisle of the railroad-car, near where Lieutenant Thomas Somers was seated. May I be permitted to inquire whom I have the honor of addressing? Lieutenant Somers, of the - - th Massachusetts, replied the young gentleman addressed, as he politely touched his cap in return for the salutation of the other. Ah! is it possible? I am rejoiced to meet you. I have heard of you before. Allow me to add in the most delicate manner, that you are a good fellow, a first-rate soldier, and as brave an officer as ever sported a pair of shoulder-straps. Permit me to offer you my hand; and allow me to add, that it is a hand which was never sullied by a dishonorable act. I am happy to make your acquaintance, replied Lieutenant Somers, as he accepted the offered hand. Won't you take a seat, Captain - - Captain de Banyan, at your service, continued the officer, as he seated himself by the side of the young lieutenant, who was completely bewildered by the elegant and courtly speech of his new-found friend

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