The Food Chemistry Laboratory illustrates chemical and physical properties and behavior of food constituents and additives. It is filled with guides and experiments, and its unique design allows you to structure individualized laboratories. Directions for independent research in food chemistry are also included.UNDERSTAND PHYSICAL AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES THROUGH LABORATORY EXPERIMENTSUnlike most food chemistry manuals that deal with food analysis, The Food Chemistry Laboratory focuses on the physical and chemical properties of foods and ingredients. Twelve planned laboratory sessions cover a wide range of experiments that teach basic principles of food chemistry. Choose the number and order of sessions and experiments to be performed-this flexible format allows you to create your own laboratory sessions.Laboratory sessions investigate topics such as sensory and objective evaluations of foods, physical properties of foods, dispersion of matter, lipids, amino acids, proteins, Maillard Browning, gelatin, carbohydrates, and much more.COMPLETE WITH VALUABLE GUIDELINES AND EQUIPMENT GUIDEA detailed equipment guide describes the uses and operation instructions for 21 instruments commonly used to evaluate food properties. Instruction on sensory evaluation of foods is also provided. The equipment guide covers the Brookfield viscometer, penetrometer, water activating system, texture analyzer, hydrometer, and pH meter, just to name a few.And there's more! The Food Chemistry Laboratory contains information on accessing food chemistry literature, research proposal preparation, guides for preparing oral and written technical reports, and an evaluation score sheet. Guidelines for preparing laboratory notebooks are also included and a handy appendix allows rapid access to directions for setting up a difference testings experiment.This is a must-have manual for students of food science, nutrition, and dietetics-anyone who needs to know sensory and objective methods, equipment procedures, and how to conduct independent research in food chemistry.

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