What you should know about menopausal hormone therapy--from the renowned Harvard doctor who is one of the pioneers conducting the latest research in the fieldRecent news stories on the safety of menopausal hormone therapy (also known as hormone replacement therapy, or HRT) have raised public awareness and sparked a national debate. Now learn the facts about this controversial treatment for menopause--from the field's go-to expert.Hot Flashes, Hormones, and Your Health explains the changes that occur during menopause. It also provides you with state-of-the-art information to help you make informed decisions about hormone therapy and other options for treating symptoms of menopause. The cutting-edge research and advice presented in this book will help you determine whether to start hormone therapy, or, if you are already taking hormones, whether you should continue to do so. This book will help you work more effectively with your health care provider to make the best decisions about your medical care. If you have taken hormones in the past, Hot Flashes, Hormones, and Your Health will also be useful in understanding the overall health effects of this treatment.So, if you are debating whether to start, continue, or stop hormone therapy, Hot Flashes, Hormones, and Your Health has the answers you need:The latest scientific evidence on the benefits and risks of managing menopause with hormone therapyExpert guidance in determining whether or not hormone therapy is the right choice for you, and, if it is, when to start, when to stop, and what type to useThe truth about bioidentical hormonesHealthful and effective options for women who cannot-or prefer not to-use hormone therapyHot Flashes, Hormones & Your Health is one of the best books about menopause I've ever read. It is not only a great book for the woman going through menopause and experiencing this new phase of life, but also for the well-educated healthcare professional who thought she or he had read everything on the topic.--from a review by Robyn B. Faye, MD, FACOG; published in Flashes, the North America Menopause Society newsletter

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