The complete mind, body, and spiritual transformation based on a highly successful course—now in paperback!The Awakening Course is Joe Vitale's most recent breakthrough program explaining the four stages of awakening. This thought-provoking book builds on everything Vitale has written and recorded to date, taking you to a whole new level of personal and professional transcendence.This book offers a proven step-by-step approach for finding and achieving your goals and desires through a complete mind, body, and spiritual transformation.Discover new perspectives on money, role models, and the power of your unconsciousRe-state complaints into positive life-changing intentions, and turn your fears into a catalyst for success5 steps for attracting anything or anyone into your lifeJoe Vitale is the author of the bestselling The Attractor Factor and The KeyLet The Awakening Course take you to a place of transcendence.

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