Beginning SUSE Linux is the ideal guide for getting grounded in core Linux skills. The book begins by providing Linux background and installation wisdom. You’ll learn how to get your system up and running,including verifying proper installation, connecting to the Internet, and reproducing common Windows tasks, such as multimedia playback and office functions. The book proceeds with invaluable tutorials, tips, and tricks to familiarize you with Linux options: writing documents, editing images, burnng CDs, learning shell scripting basics, and accessing files from a Windows PC across a network. All examples are written using SUSE Linux 9.1. A full version of this operating system is supplied for free on the included DVD, so you’ll have everything you need to get a Linux system up and running. TOC:Table of Contents PART IWhat Linux is (and what it isn't) Chapter 1 – The basicsChapter 2 – Politics, culture and heritageChapter 3 – Day to day realities of LinuxPART IIInstalling Linux Chapter 4 – Pre-installation stepsChapter 5 – Illustrated step-by-step installation guide Chapter 6 – What to do when things go wrongPART III Getting to grips with the desktopChapter 7 – No-nonsense getting starting guideChapter 8 – Getting hardware up and runningChapter 9 – Setting up securityChapter 10 – Getting things just rightChapter 11 – Linux replacements for Windows softwareChapter 12 – Managing your filesChapter 13 – Dealing with problemsPART IV Getting more in-depthChapter 14 – Beginner's guide to the shellChapter 15 – Files and usersChapter 16 – Working with text filesChapter 17 – Taking control of the systemChapter 18 – Back to the shell – some cool tricksPART V Sound, video and digital imagesChapter 19 – MP3s and CDsChapter 20 – DVDs and moviesChapter 21 – Image editingPART VI Office tasksChapter 22 – Compatibility with Microsoft OfficeChapter 23 – OpenOffice.org overviewChapter 24 – The packages in-depth Chapter 25 – Faxing and voicemailPART VII Keeping Your System RunningChapter 26 – installing new programsChapter 27 – User administrationChapter 28 – optimising your systemChapter 29 – BackupChapter 30 – Scheduling tasksChapter 31 – Accessing your Linux PC over the InternetAppendix I Some Useful Linux programsAppendix II Running Windows softwareAppendix III Glossary of terms

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