From the automotive industry to the semiconductor industry, manufacturers are suffering from an overabundance of automation methods that they cannot fully comprehend or afford, and glamorous leadership techniques that are simply not sustainable. In this respect, management has lost its way. Beyond World-Class Productivity shows why a return to traditional tools and the power of people can help companies meet todays challenges in the manufacturing sector.Beyond World-Class Productivity gives readers a balance of essential information, theory and case studies. Readers can expect to gain new insights into engineering approaches to productivity, profitability and real or non-real gain, including: useful tools for industrial engineering effectiveness in unit labor costs; feasibility studies work simplification; and developing mind innovation.Practical examples and their accompanying commentary come from the authors 40 years of real-world experience on the shop floor and in the boardroom. Figures are also provided to illustrate actual productivity results from real companies.Both managers and engineers can appreciate Beyond World-Class Productivity as an enlightening guide to the improvement of productivity and profitability within the manufacturing sector.

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