Everything you need to know to own and shoot firearms responsibly Owning a firearm is a big responsibility. There's more to it than just walking into a gun shop and walking out with a gun. In addition to knowing state laws and regulations, you'll need to have the confidence to choose the right firearm for your needs and then learn to use it safely and effectively. The Complete Gun Owner goes beyond the basics, introducing you to the many uses of the gun, such as hunting, sporting competition and self-defense and includes resources for additional information on legal aspects of gun ownership, safety considerations, and gun manufactures. Chapters of interest include coverage on: How and where to shoot Effective ways to hunt with a gun How to properly care for your gun so it's reliable when you need it most Skills for defensive shooting The Complete Gun Owner is the best guide available to you to ensure you have the right fun, whether you intend to use it for big game or self-defense. It's your right to own a firearm and your duty to use it responsibly.

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