The objective of the proposed encyclopedia is to introduce a large number of terms, devices, and processes. For each entry or essay, a brief description (typically 2-10 pages long) will be provided by experts in the field. The Encyclopedia of Nanotechnology will provide a ready reference.The Encyclopedia of Nanotechnology will have 2-3 volumes with a total of about 2400 pages. A very tentative organization of contents is attached. The number of section editors is expected to be about 15 with a total of about 250-400 entries. Each entry or essay will be 4-10 pages long and written by typically one or two authors. An attempt will be made to attract at least one-fourth of the authors from the industry. Remaining authors will be from academic institutions and national research laboratories. At least one-third of the authors are expected to be from Europe and Japan. Since this encyclopedia is the first book in this emerging and potentially large field, the market is expected to be large and steady.

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