Cuts and metrics are well-known objects that arise - independently, but with many deep and fascinating connections - in diverse fields: in graph theory, combinatorial optimization, geometry of numbers, combinatorial matrix theory, statistical physics, VLSI design etc.This book presents a wealth of results, from different mathematical disciplines, in a unified comprehensive manner, and establishes new and old links, which cannot be found elsewhere. It provides a unique and invaluable source for researchers and graduate students.From the Reviews:"This book is definitely a milestone in the literature of integer programming and combinatorial optimization. It draws from the Interdisciplinarity of these fields […]. With knowledge about the relevant terms, one can enjoy special subsections without being entirely familiar with the rest of the chapter. This makes it not only an interesting research book but even a dictionary. […] The longer one works with it, the more beautiful it becomes." Optima 56, 1997.

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