This monograph describes global propagation of regular nonlinear hyperbolic waves described by first-order quasilinear hyperbolic systems in one dimension. The exposition is clear, concise, and unfolds systematically, beginning with introductory material which leads to the original research of the authors.Using the concept of weak linear degeneracy and the method of (generalized) normalized coordinates, this book establishes a systematic theory for the global existence and blowup mechanism of regular nonlinear hyperbolic waves with small amplitude for the Cauchy problem, the Cauchy problem on a semi-bounded initial data, the one-sided mixed initial-boundary value problem, the generalized Riemann problem, the generalized nonlinear initial-boun dary Riemann problem, and some related inverse problems. Motivation is given via a number of physical examples from the areas of elastic materials, one-dimensional gas dynamics, and waves.Global Propagation of Regular Nonlinear Hyperbolic Waves will stimulate further research and help readers further understand important aspects and recent progress of regular nonlinear hyperbolic waves.

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