&quote;No one writes like Segal her glittering intelligence, her piercing wit, and her dazzling insights into manners and mores, are a profound pleasure. From first to last I loved this wise and irreverent novel.&quote; Margot Livesey &quote;I always feel in her work such a sense of toughness and humor. Her writing is sad and funny, and that makes it more of both.&quote; Jennifer Egan';Lore Segal is a marvelous and fearless writer. No subject is too hard, too absurd, or too painful for her wise, peculiar and brilliant fiction.' Lily TuckThe renowned New Yorker writer and Pulitzer Prize finalist Lore Segalwhom The New York Times declared &quote;closer than anyone to writing the Great American Novel&quote;delivers a hilarious, poignant and profoundly moving tale of living, loving and aging in America todayAt Cedars of Lebanon Hospital, doctors have noticed a marked uptick in Alzheimer's patients. People who seemed perfectly lucid just a day earlier suddenly show signs of advanced dementia. Is it just normal aging, or an epidemic? Is it a coincidence, or a secret terrorist plot?In the looking-glass world of Half the Kingdomwhere terrorist paranoia and end-of-the-world hysteria mask deeper fears of mortality; where parents' and their grown children's feelings vacillate between frustration and tenderness; and where the broken medical system leads one character to quip, &quote;Kafka wrote slice-of-life fiction&quote;all is familiar and yet slightly askew.Lore Segal masterfully interweaves her characters' liveslives that, for good or for ill, all converge in Cedar's ERinto a funny, tragic, and tender portrait of how we live today.From the Hardcover edition.

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