The camaraderie of George Ice and Ben Stout (NCASI) in particular made for an enjoyable leave and I want to acknowledge the late Hank Froehlich and Jim Kiser (OSU) for our discussions on what does it all mean. My plan was to finish this book at OSU, but that opportunity was not presented. Nonetheless, the book took longer to complete than I originally thought. The interest by other investigators and new support prompted me to not let the perfect be the enemy of the good. It was my final decisions that went to press, thus, any errors or omissions are my responsibility not authors or reviewers. This book does not completely cover all the lessons learned. Even with the conveniences of modern science, data loggers fail, water level floats leak, and water quality samples disappear between the field and the lab. Those are the lessons that have to be experienced to be learned, or shared over a beer. This compilation may not recognize all the people who contributed to efforts in the Alsea watersheds but any oversight on my part was not intended. A note of appreciation goes to James D. Hall at OSU for his willingness to check the details and find the nits, especially in the references. It was special to have one of the original investigators be part of this effort. Thanks to C.A. Troendle for our continued discussions on forest hydrology. Thanks to my family, especially Susan.

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